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What made me decide to become a consultant

Guess what? I have decided to become a consultant for Thirty-one bags. I have gone back and forth for a few years about becoming a consultant for Thirty-one and I have finally made the jump. The only thing that was holding me back was the initial $99 you have  put down to buy your starter kit. Although, with your starter kit you get tons of items that are worth a total of $350!

I mean, come on! How cute these bags?!?

When I opened my front door last week, my beautiful PINK BOX had arrived. I wanted to record me opening the box, but I decided against the “Awww, that’s so cute squeals…. and the STOP, don’t touch that, blurt-outs”. Which may have made me sound a little coo-coo. The video would have probably been stopped about 20 times, because EVERYTHING takes twice as long when you have two toddlers destroying things.

Although, my biggest girl LOVES bags, crowns and anything girlie!

So, what I received in my starter consultant box was fantastic. You can get yours for only $99!

My ALL-TIME favorite is the Large-Utility tote. It fits up to 31 WINE BOTTLES! It also can for my Cricut and all of the supplies for my upcoming Etsy business, Sparkled Den.

My second favorite item is the adorable lunch tote, included in photo above.

The other items I received are listed below, I haven’t had a chance to get a really good picture of them yet, but I will!

  • Black and white dotted mini storage bin
  • Statement pillow canvas color that says “Sisterhood”
  • Blue herringbone organizing shoulder bag
  • Zipper pouch with heart
  • All about the Benjamins blue wallet
  • Cool cinch thermal

I’m so happy that I decided to take the leap and become a consultant for this amazing company that is full of awesome ladies!

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