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Why I wanted to add a coffee bar to our kitchen

Have you ever wanted to remodel your whole kitchen, but didn’t have the funds or time to? I have wanted to remodel my galley-style kitchen for years. It has been completely out of the budget since I was finishing school, had two babies and had a very demanding full-time job (more on that in a later post) over the last five years that we have been in our home. So, I had to take the plunge and just start my little decorating. First I wanted to create a coffee bar and move the microwave. Hopefully we will be painting the cabinets and putting in DIY concrete counter tops at the end of summer.

When I first purchased our home there was no microwave and no space to put one and I do not like the look of microwaves on the counter. I bought this piece of furniture off Craigslist and thought it would be a “temporary” fix.

Old microwave cart/pantry with lots of unused items! I was so happy to get rid of it.

I was itching to get a microwave installed over my stove to create more openness and space in our galley kitchen, so I just took the plunge and purchased this one from Home Depot. I bought a simple black over-the-range microwave and sold the small counter top one we had. I forgot to take a picture of what our stove looked like before we installed the new microwave (“we” meaning my hubby and my awesome father-in-law).

How I chose the perfect kitchen cart for my coffee bar

Then I got to create my coffee station! I was so excited to get started that I bought three kitchen carts until I decided on the one that I liked. I had a very limited space to work with because I did not want it to feel closed in, like it was when the microwave cart was there.

The kitchen cart I purchased is perfect! It was the exact size I needed, enough storage to hold Tupperware (non-breakables for the my little destructive toddler), two drawers to hold extra utensils or Keurig pods, and a place to hold a hand towel for easy clean up. I think my favorite part is the granite top. I hope we can make our DIY concrete counter tops look similar!

Organized coffee bar with storage for other items. Love how this turned out!
Organized coffee bar with storage for other items. Love how this turned out!

See that cute wire basket above my coffee bar? I purchased it at Ross, along with the fork and spoon for my EAT sign from this previous post. It is always hit or miss when I’m out shopping and wrangling two toddlers. It was the perfect fit. Similar ones can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or Amazon.

The last thing I want to get is a little sign that says something about coffee, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. I was thinking this one from Amazon. What do you think?

That’s all for tonight! I hope that you enjoyed my post and this will inspire you to create a coffee bar…. especially if you are a tired mama who needs coffee!