Cricut, Create, Repeat …. one of the best purchases I have made!

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Hello all!

I feel like I have been MIA from blogging for a few months… mostly because I made such an AWESOME purchase. I bought a beautiful, light blue crafting machine… the Cricut Explore Air 2. This piece of crafting beauty gives you the option to create really anything that you want from shirts, home decor items, party supplies, wall decals, car decals.

Really, if you can think of it, you can probably make it! I cannot wait to explore my creativity through this machine and make pieces for others that will make them so excited that they would want to buy one!

So far, I really haven’t bought too many items to start-up. I just bought the Cricut, squeegee, weeder tool, different types of vinyl, and some card stock. Today I actually created one of the “make it now” items in Cricut Design Space, it was a small July calendar. If I had magnets with me, I would have printed it on a magnetic.
The reason I bought the Cricut, is because I want to start an Etsy business, creating party supplies, T-shirts and home ideas. My Etsy shop is named SparkledDen, check out my shop here and I am so excited to be creating beautiful items for people to enjoy for their home, family and friends or for gifts. So far, I have made T-shirts for family and friends and of course my daughters. Just look at these fantastic shirts that I have made so far!

Look at these beautiful t-shirts created by SparkledDen, come check it out through my Etsy shop
Custom made T-shirts from SparkledDen

My next project is going to be making items for a Girl Woodland Themed Baby Shower that I am throwing for a family member. I can’t wait to see how it is going to turn out. There will definitely be a detailed blog post with pictures, details of do and don’ts (mostly because I am learning). I hope to see you come back and check it out!

For the baby shower I need to make:

  1. Cake topper
  2. It’s a girl banner
  3. Woodland creatures
  4. And really anything boho

I am SUPER excited to help create a dream come true for someone that is close to me and I hope that it will inspire others to follow their dreams too! Check back in a few weeks for all the awesome details of the party and the new fun things that I am doing!