DIY kitchen “EAT” sign, check it out!

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First of all, I am eager to start this journey of blogging and documenting all that wonderful projects I will be doing for my home and the fun activities I can do with two cute toddlers.

Originally, I was going to start redoing my kitchen (which would entail A LOT of work with just me and two little ones who want all of my attention). I decided to start off by filling this wall that I have had empty for 5 years…. yes I know, way too long lol. I could not figure out what I wanted to put there until I was inspired by this adorable “Gather” sign. 

It was adorable! It had the perfect farmhouse, homey feel. I want all things farmhouse and my husband wants all things modern, so I had to have the mix of both. This is what I have done so far…. I have a few different decor items I want to try out where the utensils are hanging below. Also, I plan to paint the girls table black and buy acrylic fit to the size of the table and place wrapping paper under it, just to add to the feel of our kitchen when it is finished.


Overall, I LOVE my eat sign, but I would I think it needs some things added to it. What do you think? Comment below or email me for suggestions!


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