Come learn how to spray paint your own laminate counter tops!

The do’s of spray painting counter tops

Come learn how to spray paint your own counter tops
You can spray paint your own counter tops with Textured Rust-oleum paint from Home Depot!
This is what my cabinet looked like before I painted with Milk Paint and spray painted the counter tops.

Remember when I mentioned that I will be spray painting the counter tops for the girls bathroom in this post about the vanity? Well, I finally did it! The process took way longer than I expected. I had to redo it two and a half times. Here’s a list of the things that you should definitely do before you decide to use spray paint for laminate counter tops.¬†

The do’s of how to prep your counter tops

  1. Sand all parts of the laminate counter and then scrub with TSP cleaner really well
  2. Caulk around the sink and along the wall before you spray paint, it will be okay for the caulking to not show and it will have a cleaner look.
  3. Tape EVERYTHING, but not too close to the counter because it will be easier to peel off the tape and touch up the wall paint after it’s all done. The tape WILL stick to the counter top.

The do’s of how to spray paint your counter tops

  1. Paint the counter tops before you paint the vanity (if you decide that you want to go that route)
  2. Spray only light coats, so the paint doesn’t drip
  3. You may have to spray up to 5 or 6 light coats
  4. Let the paint dry for a few hours. I placed a fan close by so that it dried fully

The do’s of glazing the spray painted counter tops

  1. Once the paint is fully dried, take a light towel and smooth it over to ensure there is no dust or anything clinging on to it
  2. Prepare the glaze it two separate DISPOSABLE containers (I made the mistake of using measuring cups…oops)
  3. Mix the the two glaze items in one container
  4. You can use a small paint brush, a flat spatula or foam brushes to smooth glaze over. I found that I liked the spatula the best
  5. Only place SMALL batches of the glaze, or you will have too much and it will drip
  6. Let glaze dry for over 48 hours before doing anything near the sink (I have to redo mine….because TODDLERS).

Items used for spray painting counter tops

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  1. Textured Rust-oleum spray paint from Home Depot
  2. Foam brushes and spatula
  3. TSP Cleaner
  4. Parks Super Glaze
  5. Frog Tape
  6. Clear plastic paper (you can use anything from brown paper from to dollar store to a million plastic bags

I purchased most of my items at Home Depot, but you can buy any of the items on Amazon (links attached).

I hope this post has inspired you to go the cheap route and paint your counter tops. It was super easy, once I got the hang of it and done within a day!

Let me know what you think!