Top 10 DIY projects to accomplish in 2017

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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check out another post! I have decided to make a list for the top projects that I would like to do for our house by the end of the year. Seriously though, I have many more to add, but I will try to keep it to under 10 projects so I don’t drive everyone in my house insane.

I have boards on my Pinterest account for almost all of these projects (they may or may not have been pinned multiples times and for a few months… or years 😉 LOL)

  1. Budget friendly kitchen makeover
    • I have started a few of my makeovers for our kitchen with the adorable black and white farmhouse these in this blog post with my coffee cart and this blog post with my EAT sign.
    • We plan to paint the cabinets white or dark gray and then add DIY concrete counter tops.
  2. DIY welcome sign for the front porch (I am hoping to complete this in June).
    • I would like to make one similar to this one from the Home Depot Blog, but with a sign that is exchangeable for the seasons.
  3. Build an outdoor sofa
    • We are going to build a comfortable sofa from Ana-White’s dimensions and tools. I can’t wait to see how this turns out so I can finish my patio retreat.
  4. Build a sofa table for behind the couch (awesome hubby is currently building)
    We are still building this piece behind the couch, my husband has to plaster and sand it down, then we will paint it.


  5. Redecorate living room area – excuse the dirty couches… I have washed them since this picture
  6. Update garage laundry
    • I haven’t figured out all of the details of this one yet, but I am sure something fun will come to mind!
  1. Build a rolling laundry basket holder
  2. Update master bathroom
    • My goal is to add a touch of black and white, modern farmhouse to every room. I already have a few things in mind for this one!
  3. Add faux brick to the front of the house for curb appeal
  4. Repaint front door with a bright pop of color
    • This is such an easy fix to add to your home, I painted it red to match the roof… but now I am leaning towards a bright blue. What do you think? Blue, black or another form of red?

Overall, I hope that we are able to accomplish these in the next 6 months or so. If not, I will just keep adding to my list, haha! The largest project is going to be redoing our kitchen… it has been a long time coming and I cannot wait to show the reveal. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to check out my other blog posts.