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Hi everyone! This has been one of demanding parts of the bathroom. Only because I did not want the girls to be in the bathroom when I was doing it because of the fumes, they were super strong.

The girls bathroom vanity (and all of the cabinets in our house) started out like this…. reason #5656560o97 why I want to revamp my kitchen. What an eyesore!


The vanity is not completely finished, but I will have it done before we go to Hawaii in the next couple of weeks. First, the vanity needed a VERY good cleaning. I sprayed it with TSP cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes and then wiped it off. I was amazed how much yucky gunk came off. Be sure to let it dry before you start painting, it is very oily. I had my TSP cleaner hanging around from when I purchased my house 5 years ago, but you can get one from Amazon, like the one below.

Then, I taped everything that I did not want painted. You really have to make sure it taped well or it will bleed through. I did not tape the walls really well, because I plan on touching up the paint anyway.

I wanted to paint the vanity with white, because I knew it would add brightness to the bathroom since there is no window in there. I have always wanted to try¬†General Finishes milk paint, because of the great reviews and guess what… I love it! The paint went on super smooth and it was really easy to clean if I made any mistakes because it is water based.

I had to use craft foam brushes to get it all the creases and for a smooth finish. I try paint brushes, but it left streaks. Overall, it was really easy… I even had some helpers! Look at the difference already!


I only purchased a pint of the paint and I still have half the can… which I think I will use for my bathroom! Excuse the pictures… they do not give it justice at all because the lighting is so bad. I had to do three coats, only because I was going so light. I had never used milk paint before, I think I could have used just two coats and been fine.

After I painted the vanity I covered it with a high gloss finish, so I could easily wipe it down. That is REALLY needed with young toddlers and two crazy dogs.

Last, I painted the doors… they were really easy! Then I added new hardware from Home Depot. I was really impatient, but you can purchase a whole pack on Amazon for much less, which I plan on doing for our kitchen.

It looks amazing! It feels like a whole new bathroom. Next blog post I will be talking about spray painting the counter tops.

TSP cleaner: already had

General finishes milk paint: $20.99

General finishes topcoat: $29.95

Total: $50.94

Come back and visit for the next post!